Track everything that moves

A Tracking System for Both Vehicle and People.
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Find Out how, when and where you move.

Who Moves

Who moves keeps a record of your activities like walking, cycling, running and driving. It helps you view the distance, duration, steps and calories burnt for each activity. Live tracking facility is made possible for both vehicle and individuals through our iPhone application.

Health Monitor

The Who-Moves Application aids calorie tracking, which in turn helps you monitor your health daily. It allows allows you to easily keep track of the number of steps you make, the distances you walk and the calories you burn.


The timeline serves as an automatic diary of your daily routine. It shows when and how much you move everyday. Your daily activities and tracks are mapped by the fitness companion of the application.

My Family

Be in touch with your family members, wherever you are. The Who moves app enables you to share your account with your family. The daily activities of each member of a family can be shared with and tracked monitored by all other members.

My Friends

The Who Moves Application allows you to share your account with your friends allowing you to track them and vice-versa. You can add their accounts, share your activities and even give them access to your account. Connectivity is made easy round the clock through a single application.

My Vehicle

Who Moves acts as a fully functioning vehicle tracking system in which vehicle health can be monitored along with its location, as the app shows fuel reading, odometer reading and maximum speed. A single user can add and monitor any number of vehicles.