A highly flexible Transportation Solution

Employee transportation at its best; Route optimization & Cab allocation.

Route Optimization

Cost Prediction 

Data Analytics 

Route Chimp Feature Set

Route Optimisation &
Cab Allocation

Employee Geo Location Capturing

ElectronicTrip Sheets

Automated Billing

What we offer?

Depending on the type of requirement – office timings, shifts, 24 hour operations, etc. we offer solutions on the basis of the trip, employee location and distance travelled or a dedicated all inclusive solution.

Regular Pick up and Drop Off

Bus Services of Various Seating Capacities

Technology Incorporated

VTS is a service enabled through positioning technologies including GPS, GPRS and remote telemetry with application software, wireless communications to track, control and manage the vehicles in your fleet.

Live Monitoring on Map

Route History/Play Back

Fencing and Alerts

Technical and Customer Support

Route and Vehicle Configuration

Push pull SMS facility via mobile phones

Transport Planning

Transport planning focusses on motor vehicle traffic conditions, and newer methods for multi-modal planning and evaluation. This process fosters the transport logistics of different organizations.

Let’s Go This Way!

Route chimp finds the shortest path to each location from the list provided by the client companies.
The Transportation Desk handles the routing process and produces an effective transport planning system.

Over 20% cost savings

Employee travel time reduction

Ideal distribution for the employees

Woman safety assurance

Annual transport budgets

Employee cab usage records

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