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Merging industry-specific expertise with transformative thinking, we deliver market-defining solutions with speed and agility. Our business process identifies the problems faced by your company, using data analytic techniques, before creating a collaborative solution with you. The company is distinguished by its culture of innovation, relentless commitment beyond contract, measurable accountability to current and future business outcomes, and an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels transformation based on the new market defining products and customer demands.

What Makes Us Specific

Institution Management Solution

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This is a comprehensive solution that helps any institution manage its personnel, facilities and finance from a single point. It includes a number of modules such as HR Management, Library Management, Finance Management, Customer Relationship Management, Facility and Attendance Management. These help the institution save time, enabling faster decision making and even better transparency, thus improving quality and efficiency.

Fleet Management Solution


Our GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System constantly monitors your vehicle or fleet of vehicles and provides you a real-time view of key fleet information including location, speed, engine status and driver status, to name a few. You can track the location of your fleets, assets and people 24/7 in real time and even receive alerts by email or SMS for over speeding, undue stoppages, route deviation, fuel pilferage etc. The VTS can be operated as an Operation Optimization tool by incorporating Route Optimization and Performance Optimization leading to a significant minimization of operating costs.

Education Resource Planning

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To manage information spanning all functional requirements of an educational institution. ERP gives a company an integrated real-time view of its basic internal business processes. Our ERP is mainly designed for the use of education institutions. We bring about a stress free management system for more interesting and productive learning. Our ERP is a package of learning, library, transport, finance, call route, inventory and HR management.

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