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Its almost impossible for organizations these days to store, manage and utilize the large amount of data associated with running a business without the help of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.It is even a bigger task for business owners such as yourself to choose the right ERP solution that fit their needs, given the plethora of choices available today.

Therefore ask yourself these nine simple questions when choosing different ERP solutions to make sure you pick the one that suits your needs.

1. How does LMS help improve the learning process?

A Learning Management System should ideally ease and enhance the learning process, improving interactions and knowledge sharing while helping the institutions manage things better.
♦Provide a platform for better knowledge sharing
♦Improve interactions between the students and teachers
♦Creation of a single platform that allows the institution to manage all its resources
♦Provide a unified platform for knowing course details and schedules

2. Can the POS kiosk sync with your finance system?

A good finance management system enable organizations to manage all their financial transactions, including synchronizing with all the Points of Sale (POS) to allow managers to view sales and purchase in real time.
♦Shows all financial transactions at a single point
♦Helps track the cash flow in real time
♦Helps know the movement of products in real time due to it being connected to the POS
♦Helps open customer accounts and branches

3. Will the HR system give you employee behavior analytic?

An HR management system allows organizations to track the behavior of employees in real time. Connecting it to an attendance management system gives the managers more information and enable them to take informed decisions.
♦Shows daily employee work duration and even their location
♦Helps track employee performance
♦Helps manage shifts and leaves
♦Helps manage recruitment and training

4. How Fleet Management can keep track of your fuel usage?

Organizations can track their vehicle fleet in real time via transport management system, with the help of GPS modules allowing them to check the vehicle speed, plan routes, track fuel usage and engine status, which in turn help improve fleet efficiency.
♦Track location and position of vehicle fleet in real time
♦Gives detailed information about each vehicle including speed, rpm etc.
♦Helps reduce furl consumption, schedule maintenance

5.With Hosted PBX, can you record all your calls?

An organization has a number of telephone stations and receive an even large number of calls, which are difficult to manage without the help of a PBX system, especially an IP based PBX, which improves efficiency.
♦Provide multiple extensions and helps forward calls
♦Connects to the CRM system and helps record call details
♦Helps record conversations and route calls when necessary
♦Helps provide click to call features from the computer

6.Can the CRM help you create targeted marketing campaigns?

A Customer relationship Management (CRM) system track and store records of customers as well as their interactions with the organisation, which allows us to improve customer relations by analyzing this wealth of information.
♦Keeps record of leads and helps manage accounts
♦Helps keep track of various marketing campaigns
♦Enables managers to assign tasks to various subordinates gives them a clear picture of opportunities
♦Helps forecast sales and the status of various incidents

7. Can the Library Management system act as digital repository?

A Library Management system helps streamline library management and provides all information at a single point while a digital library allows multiple users to access content from any location.
♦Movement log for all books with bar-code scanners
♦Issue or renew books online
♦Access from any location for multiple users
♦E-books, digital media, e-journals and much more

8. How can the Inventory Management track asset movement?

An inventory management system helps automatically track the inventory levels at warehouses and stores, sending and re-order requests whenever the levels fall below a set threshold.
♦Keeps stock of items
♦Categorize items and identify their locations
♦Sets re-order levels for inventory
♦Record location transfers and other adjustments

9. Will the BMS allow you remotely turn on/off lights?

A Building Management System (BMS) is a computer based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems and security systems.
♦All-in-one solution for optimized room control
♦Reduces energy consumption
♦Flexible with centralized switching and indicators
♦Combining room climate control, lighting and blinds a single flexible, automated system is the best way to align energy consumption.


With the right technology, a small retailer can make a big impact. But you must think carefully about what ERP you choose to support your organisation.

The best ERP system makes life easier through streamlined processes; use mobile devices to engage customers, empower staff and close more sales; provide analytics for making smarter decisions;enable you to create targeted marketing campaigns; and ensure you are always up-and-running with solid support and training materials.

Next time you’re in the market, for a new ERP, remember these nine questions. They’ll help you find a solution that will support your success and grow right along with you.