Columbus Vehicle Tracking Solution
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Columbus Track is an elegant, professional and highly
flexible VTS customized according to user needs.

gps tracking solution-Columbus Track vehicle tracking system

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Have a look on our simple but powerful feature set!

Satellite over-theft system


Over speed alert

SMS and e-mail I/O

Distance travelled

Fuel tracking

Dedicated engine status

Green driving


CAN data

Voice interface

Driver authentication and behaviour monitoring

Columbus Track provides a variety of fleet management solutions and helps in remotely monitoring and controlling vehicle fleets.


We allow users to track the location of their fleet, assets and people 24×7 in real time. They will also receive alerts via web/email/SMS for rule violations such as over-speeding and undue stoppages.


Columbus Track is outfitted with Controller Area Network Technology, a data acquisition tool that gives a better understanding of vehicle behavior.


 Monitor your vehicle or fleet from anywhere through our apps

We provide three interface applications that allow users to interact with the Columbus Fleet Management System, namely the Web application, the Desktop Application and the Mobile Application. The Web and Mobile Application allow users to monitor their fleet from any location with an internet connection. The Desktop Application lets them store up to a years worth of positional data of their fleet. These applications also allow users to view complex data for analysis such as fuel consumption patterns, tyre pressure and accelerator load.


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