Lay the foundation for a smart city!

A modern innovative street lighting control and management system.
Scalable for thousands of lights for urban, suburban and rural areas.

Save Money

Save Energy

Sense the City

Feature Set

The precise on/off turning time

Each line control

Light intensity reduction

Determination of light bulb burnout

Damage warning and alerts

No time re-regulation

 Reports and Graphs

Determination of electricity leakage

Intelligence at the edge

The street light management system comprises of intelligent, energy efficient and remotely managed networks. Ours is a complete web-based solution with advanced communication and easy integration.

Work with photo sensors

Optimise energy usage

Multiple access

Remote management lightning schedule

How it works

The user connects to the software located on in secure data centre using a web browser.The user commands are then transmitted via GPRS to the electrical distribution cabinet, where the unit is located.The unit executes the given user commands and, if the lamp control device is installed, transmits them to the lamp control through Power line communications.

Lamp and line status

The consumed energy

Meter measurements

Cabinet door opening

Increase security

Increase flexibility of lighting

Worldwide extent of coverage

Energy consumption reduction

The intelligent street light management system remotely tracks and controls the actual energy consumption of the street lights and takes appropriate energy consumption reduction measures through power conditioning and control.


We offer a sophisticated lighting control system that delivers end to end energy saving and network control solutions. The correct level of lighting needed for any weather or season is acquired automatically.

30% less energy use in addition to savings from high efficiency lamps

20% or more savings per year in operating and maintenance costs

supports multiple applications such as traffic, weather, and motion monitoring