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The Green Technology

Technologies for a blooming tomorrow! Save earth Every day!

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Shaping the Future Together

The only way to do great work is to love what you do!

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The World of Opportunities

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream!

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Leading the way, enabling greater results.

We as an engineering consultancy develop solutions mainly for electronic design automation (EDA), enabling electronic circuit designers to meet critical time-to-market objectives, improve system performance and handle critical system designs. Currently we provide services for the cloud computing domain, starting form product design to front end applications.


Our Services

Cloud Computing

Software Services

Product Engineering

Consulting Services


Digital Life

We emphasise on integration of the digital and the physical worlds, including objects and environment, through connected assets, connected customers and connected services.Information technology is used to enhance objects and environment around people, which can then provide them with relevant information.


Connected Cars

Your vehicles can now connect to the internet, enabling them to access a huge amount of information online and even communicate with other vehicles on the road. This provides a number of benefits in the areas of vehicle safety, security, maintenance and even entertainment.


Internet Of Things

Create virtual avatars for any uniquely identifiable object on the cloud. Our IOT solutions are able to take over a number of complex cognitive functions and can be applied to a number of areas including product management, urban planning, social interactions and emergency services.

“See the invisible! Do the impossible!”

Quality in Everything We Do

We deliver more than what you’d expect

We deliver quality products using innovative techniques that anticipate needs and satisfy our customers. Our key focus lies in building immersive, engaging and intuitive relationships which are customer centric & opportunity driven.